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墜落 Fallen

歐靜雲 Ou, jing yun

2012,壓克力畫 Acrylic Paiting,130 x 162 x 4.5 cm 藝術家歐靜雲的繪畫作品〈墜落〉,以繽紛、夢幻的色彩,包裝著糜爛與墮落的世界。畫面中,一群樣貌相似,打扮時髦的年輕人,正在舉行一場婚禮的慶祝派對。與這一片洋溢著青春與繽紛的氣氛不相容的,是四處橫臥在派對中,天鵝的屍體。新娘的頭紗上,躺著一群受傷的天鵝,將白紗暈染出紅色斑點。嬉戲的年輕人,卻完全不以為意,沈浸在慶祝的高昂情緒中。歐靜雲以形同夢境的敘事方式,製造一個收納著墮落與慾望的人性烏托邦。 OU Jing-Yun’s Fallen is a brilliantly colored and dream-like composition that depicts a world of luxury and corruption. A group of fashionable youths with similar appearances are celebrating a wedding party. Contrasted against this are the bodies of dead and wounded swans that litter the place, including the bride’s veil, with the once pristine and white fabric dyed red by the blood of the dead and dying creatures. The playful youths ignore such sights and continue to indulge in the festivities. OU Jing-Yun uses a dream-like narrative to create a human utopia with the extremes of dissipative lifestyles and desires.