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似甲生層 - Layer Armor

施雅婷 - Shih,Ya-ting

探討人的內心,遵循自己最真實的想法。「人性本惡,基於保護自己,善良是一種選擇,而非本性」。 以「人性本惡」為主軸,盔甲代表人的偽裝,堅強的保護層,腐蝕印花代表妒忌,模塊化設計代表猜忌,反叛則是利用中國盔甲結合現代防彈衣加上街頭風格,不對稱設計,層層堆疊,藉由六套服裝探討人的內心,正視自己,擁抱內心的黑夜。 - To explore people's hearts and follow their truest thoughts. "Human nature is evil, based on protecting oneself, kindness is a choice, not nature." Taking "human nature is inherently evil" as the main thoughts. Armor represents human’s camouflages, a strong protective layer, corrosive printing represents jealousy, modular design represents suspicion, and rebellion is the use of Chinese armor combined with modern bulletproof wears and street style, asymmetrical design, stacked on top of each other. This collection represents “ to explore people’s heart, be true to yourself and embrace the dark nights in the heart”.