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靈獸 - Fantastic Beasts

黃詩媛、劉品妤 - Huang, Shi-Yuan, Liu, Pen-Yu

以佛教四大 菩薩為設計元素 , 將四位尊者的坐騎作為主體 , 在對於宗教的印象中 , 人們都覺得神獸莊重威嚴的外型 , 因而將神獸造型可愛化設計成造型燈罩 , 讓其變的平易近人 , 在黑暗中點出一道曙光 。 - The design elements are based on the four great bodhisattvas of Buddhism . Four Venerable mounts are used as the main body . In the impression of religion . People all felt that the divine beast had a solemn and majestic appearance . Therefore , the cute shape of the mythical beast is designed into a shape lampshade . Make it approachable. Point out a light in the darkness.