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緣起 - The Embroidery Pins

吳家妤 - Wu,Chia-Yu

刺繡別針為現代許多年輕人喜愛的可愛裝飾,特選出佛陀紀念館裡其中六項特色代表物來做組合 ; 分別為 : 獅 、 象 、 地涌金蓮 、 大佛 、 塔及走廊蓮花圖騰,材質選用刺繡 , 能夠更好的與普通別針做出區別,每一別針皆會配合一張佛館知識卡,內容包含圖像與介紹 , 可讓旅客更加深刻地了解佛陀紀念館。 - The embroidery pins are a popular decoration for many young people in modern times, and six of the special symbols in the Buddha Memorial Hall have been selected for the combination: lion, elephant, golden lotus, Buddha, pagoda and lotus totem in the corridor. Each pin is accompanied by a knowledge card containing images and introductions, allowing visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the Buddha Memorial Hall.