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水噹噹補給站 - Beautiful supply station

王乃可 - Wang,Nai-Ko

將台灣水庫結合有自然水庫之稱的仙人掌,設計各水庫專屬形象,以圖鑑書介紹水庫地理、興建脈絡及水情特色等資訊,並搭配系列美妝蛋,讓人藉由補水行為意識到水庫的重要性。 - The reservoirs in Taiwan are combined with the cactus, which is known as a natural reservoir, to design the exclusive image of each reservoir, and introduce the information of reservoir geography, construction history and water characteristics with a book, and a series of beauty eggs to make people realize the importance of reservoirs through the act of hydration.