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〈先祖:形式22號〉 The Ancestors: forms #22

賴宗昀 Tsung-Yun Lai

新媒體藝術家賴宗昀,也是台灣聲響演出長青平台「失聲祭」的主理人,去年沉浸於非同質化代幣的收藏、交易和生產。「先祖」是他在Hic et Nunc(TEIA)平台上以「LTY」名義創作之外的系列作品,主要用StyleGAN為工具。同其他系列作品一樣,〈先祖:形式22號〉取材自人類學紀實攝影下的泰雅族黥面長者,「觀看的方式」從相機到機器,體現了百年多來的變化。在感官上,除了遠看頗具繪畫風格,近看更似不均質的金屬雕版。 The Ancestors, mainly created with the help of StyleGAN, is a series he released at Hic et Nunc (now TEIA) not in the name of LTY he often uses. Like the other works of the series, The Ancestors: forms #10 and #22 were inspired by the face tattoos on the Atayal elders. Viewed from a distance, they appear rich in a painterly style; viewed at close, they resemble more the uneven engraved metal plates via the GAN modulation.