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情緒無限計畫 - inFeelnity Project

劉欣茹, 黃軒亞, 張育璿 - Liu,Hsin-Ju, Huang,Hsuan-Ya, Chang,Yu-Hsuan

人與人之間的相處難以避免摩擦。我們試著使用心理測驗與遊戲式學習,使用者透過電子遊戲探索自我,再用桌遊理解人際互動,透過分享,讓人與人之間多份理解包容、減少摩擦。 - Interpersonal relationships are unavoidable. We try to use psychological quizzes and gamification. Users will explore themselves through video games, and then use board games to understand interpersonal interactions. Users can complete two different mediums or choose to play board game. After finishing the final sharing process of board game, people can have more understanding and tolerance, and furthermore, reduce confrontation.