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范聿寧, 邱于芳, 張艾昀, 謝沐茵

你是否曾注意過生活中有多種白紙? 感受白紙的微小差異、探索不同特性與加工適性, 一同發現白紙「不紙白」! 多數人較難察覺白紙細微豐富的色差與肌理變化,不紙白統整出白紙的特性:白度、觸感、印刷加工方式,並以文學賦予其溫度,提供設計需求者一套理性與感性兼具的紙樣集。 由文學中取材,選擇與白相關之詩詞來為每張白紙的色號命名;將12種白紙的個性透過排版、後加工與介紹呈現,提供有趣且實用的紙資訊,增加使用者對白、紙質的記憶連結。 文學紙樣集採以文學意境作排版依據,透過紙張肌理與具象編排、在後半部整理出紙的資訊,從感性過渡至理性;而書籤便於使用者觀察紙張差異,兩者皆以大量留白為基礎,讓人細品白紙的細微差異。 - Have you ever noticed that there are many different kinds of white paper in daily life? Feeling the subtle differences of the paper, exploring different characteristics and post-press finishing, We'll discover it is "NOT ONLY WHITE’’ but also subtle color and texture changes. Texture and color differences of white paper are subtle and hard to perceive, so we integrate 3 points: brightness, texture,post-press finishing, and creating a paper sample for those in need. We name each white paper after the literature that referred to white; To show the differences between the 12 papers, we present it through editorial design, post-press finishing, providing funny and useful information on white paper, helping users memorize it. The layout of the paper sample is referred to the conception of literature. From sensibility to rationality, paper texture, and editorial design to paper information. The design of bookmarks allows people to feel the subtle differences between white paper.