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集體記憶 Collective memory

設計師 Designer:王俊隆 Rock Wang、工藝師 Craft Artist - 石雕 stone carving:陳培澤 Pei-Tse Chen

尺寸:60cm x 62cm x 22cm 媒材:磚 作品介紹: 集體記憶 紅磚是臺灣傳統建築文化的象徵,磚塊交錯疊砌除了結構考量也形成獨特的視覺意象。該系列作品將過去深具集體記憶及情感的文化意象、材質及技法於當代以石雕打磨技法轉化再現,亦是一種傳統文化的創作紀錄寫照。 Dimension: 60cm x 62cm x 22cm Material: Brick Introduction: Collective memory It shows the sensual experience of walking through bamboo forest, also a downshifting state of mind. To create a flowing path with layers of handmade-bending bamboo strips into smooth lines. Through the action of sitting or lying generate friction similar to the bamboo’s sound when wind blows. This is a various sensation includes sound, visual and tactual to show how wind flows.