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沉沒 | Sinking

羅巧涵、余聿平、陳玟憶、陳依君、冀心嵐、黃阡莉 Chiao-Han Lo, Yu-Ping Yu, Wen-Yi Chen, Yi-Chun Chen, Hsin-Lan Chi, Chien-Li Huang

故事描述一名女高中生被班上的同學利用、冷落的日常生活。在這樣的生活狀況之下主角逐漸感到絕望,並因壓力提升而開始產生了與深海有關的幻象。 The story describes a high school girl’s everyday life, being used and cold-shouldered by her classmates. Under such living conditions, the leading role feels desperate bit by bit, and due to increased pressure, starts to feel an illusion about deep seas.