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購物設計 ー 雙面貨架及購物車 Shopping Design - Double-sided Shelf & Shopping Cart


Fruiture 為一家因應疫情而生的零售店,我們以零接觸及便捷的購物體驗為目標,在將來這個不得已與疫情共存的時代,去構思實體通路更多的可能性。我們於規劃店面時將員工及顧客的動線分流,並配合能方便員工於倉儲中作業的貨架,及結合 RFID 自助結帳之購物車,以減少人們近距離接觸的機會及潛藏的傳染風險。 Fruiture is a store that has been born in response to the epidemic, and we aim for a contactless and convenient shopping experience, in the future era of having to coexist with the epidemic, to conceive more possibilities for physical sales channels. We divert the traffic flow of employees and customers when planning our stores, cooperate with shelves that can facilitate employees to work in warehouse, and combine shopping carts with RFID self-checkout to reduce the opportunity for people to be close to each other and the potential risk of infection. 雙面櫃設計使店員能於倉儲中工作,以避免置身於人流量大的環境中,並配合可旋轉的置物籃、伸縮捲簾及隔板等設計,輔助員工更好地作業 ; 於顧客面向則是透過RFID感測螢幕讀取商品標籤,使民眾在購物時能獲得即時的反饋及商品資訊。 The double-sided shelf design enables staff to work in the warehouse to avoid being in a crowded environment, and cooperates with the design of rotatable baskets, retractable roller blinds and partitions to assist employees to work better; For customers, the product label is read through the RFID sensing screen, so that the customer can get real-time feedback and product information when shopping. 購物車結合 RFID 自助結帳技術,於車身內壁設有天線,能自動偵測商品的放入或拿出,並將商品加入進上方螢幕的購物清單中,在購物結束後生成 QR code,供顧客掃碼完成支付,省去排隊等待的時間及減少人們近距離接觸的機會。 The shopping cart combines RFID self-checkout technology, with an antenna on the inner wall of the body, which can automatically detect the entry or exit of goods, and add the goods to the shopping list on the upper screen, generate QR code after the end of the shopping, for customers to scan the code to complete the payment, saving the time of waiting in line and reducing the opportunity for people to have close contact.