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好戲連連 - Mini puppet theater

曾婷婷 / 邱名遠 / 林璟彤

自古以來,戲曲文化在中國傳統社會一直被賦予重要的社會責任和教義作用。在早期社會,戲曲文化是從茶館裡品茗吃點心發展出來的,然而隨著社會時代發展,看戲文化不再盛行。傳統偶戲為戲曲的縮影,除了表演形式上的差異以外,其在思想內涵的傳播上基本無異。現今很少機會能夠體驗看戲和操偶,為了推廣偶戲文化,我們結合偶戲文化設計出一款互動禮盒,它也是一個迷你的行動戲院。包裝設計上以主題插畫相輔,傳遞三種偶戲不同的故事,融入其戲台的特色和各戲偶特有的操作技法,用趣味互動的新形態讓大眾更認識偶戲文化,了解傳統文化其不可替代性和重要價值,使偶戲文化得以傳承和保存。 - Since ancient times, opera culture has been endowed with important social responsibilities and doctrinal roles in traditional Chinese society. In the early society, opera culture developed from drinking tea and snacks in teahouses. However, with the development of social times, the opera culture is no longer popular. Traditional puppet show is the epitome of opera, except for the difference in the form of performance, it is basically the same in the dissemination of ideological connotation. Nowadays, there are few opportunities to experience watching opera and puppet manipulation. In order to promote puppet show culture, we designed an interactive gift box based on puppet show culture, which is also a mini action theater. The packaging design is supplemented by themed illustrations, conveying the different stories of the three puppet shows, incorporating the characteristics of its stage and the unique operating techniques of each puppet, and using a new form of fun and interaction to let the public know more about puppet show culture and traditional culture. Substitute and important value, so that the puppet show culture can be passed on and preserved.