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朱翾 / 陳愷言 / 林楷昕

台南捷運概念車廂 ─ 以即將通車之台南捷運出發,將在地的景色元素融入車內整體畫面與物件功能,期望營造台南慢步調的意象氛圍,為居民、遊客帶來不同於其他城市的乘車體驗。 ROAMER is a concept car of the Tainan Metro, integrating the local scenery elements into the environment and the functions of objects in the carriage, hoping to create an image of Tainan's slow pace, bringing residents and tourists a new ride experience different from other cities. |自然景色意象 Natural Elements Image| 萃取台南怡人的自然景色:星、風、光與雲,分別將其特點與車內之吊環、靠位、抓桿與座椅結合。 Integrating Tainan's pleasant natural scenery: stars, wind, sunshine, and clouds into the objects in the carriage. Respectively corresponding to the handles, backboards, handrails, and seats. |物件功能 Function| 除了將意象帶入物件外觀造型,也從功能面向做了些微調整,使之更符合乘車需求。高低錯落的吊環滿足各種身高,漸層處理的靠位避免坐著的人受到倚靠乘客干擾,向外開展的抓桿分散抓握人群,擴增下方空間的座椅則提供乘客置物。 Apart from bringing imagery into the appearance of the objects, we also made some adjustments to their function, meeting the needs of the passengers.Handles with different lengths satisfy people of various heights, the gradual effect of the backboard prevents the seated person from being disturbed by the leaning passenger, handrails stretching outward disperse the crowd, and seats with expanded space below provide passenger storage.