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陳筠之 / 李姵瑢

指導老師:蘇林立 / Lin-Li Su 基地位置:山腳國小日治後期宿舍群 - 苗栗縣苑裡鎮舊社里 10 鄰 47 號 / No. 47, Neighborhood 10, Jiusheli Village, Yuanli Town, Miaoli County, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 作品說明: 苗栗苑裡的藺編師傅們以席地的姿態,編織著生活日常。 隨著時代的演進,草編文化逐漸凋零,我們希望利用舊建築與新空 間的間隙,交織出不同層次的滲透關係,讓更多人了解藺草編織文化 The masters in Miaoli County weave their daily life in the posture of sitting on the floor. With the evolution of the times, the straw culture is gradually withering, we hope to use the old buildings and the new space.The gaps between weaving , interweave the infiltration relationship at different levels, so that more people can understand the rush weaving culture.