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HALO, Nice to see you !


至今,社會仍帶著有色眼光的思維,月暈效應無論是過去、現在或未來都會一直存在,為意識到月暈效應的影響,我們透過議題式教材帶入國小校園,作為認知月暈效應的途徑。 我們以月暈的英文 HALO 為主題名稱,結合大眾經常使用的英文招呼語「Nice to meet you」,並將「meet」替換為「see」與主題產生連結,呼籲大家在透過雙眼評斷他人之前,先以親切的問候互相了解。 此議題式教材透過循序漸進的方式,並使用附件、表情印章及卡牌貼紙來搭配不同的互動遊戲,加深印象的同時,也教導孩童不要以先入為主的想法去看待人、事、物,因為眼見的不一定能為憑。 Nowadays, The Halo Effect will always exist in the past, present even in the future. In order to make people aware of its impact, we design a set of topic-based teaching materials to elementary school, and also serve as a way for the public to recognize the Halo Effect. We use HALO in English as the name of theme, combining with the greeting in English "Nice to meet you" which people use it frequently, replacing "meet" with "see" to link with the theme, appealing people to understand each other with a kind greeting before judging others through their eyes. This thematic teaching materials through a step-by-step approach, and the use of accessories, emoji stamps and card stickers with different interactive games to deepen the impression, but also to teach children not to preconceived ideas to look at people, things and objects, because seeing is not necessarily believing.