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Infect, but in fact.


Infect/感染,in fact/事實上,以英文雙關的手法當做名稱,多數人會認為罕見疾病的症狀會接觸傳染,因此對罕病患者帶有歧視與害怕,而是事實上罕見疾病屬於基因遺傳,並不會傳染。 透過網路載體的方式,和民眾介紹罕見疾病的病症,以動物的模樣凸顯病患特徵,用正向的心態來看待。 希望激發觀者的意識與同理心,關注相關消息與政府補助,進而願意對罕病患者進行實質的幫助。 Infection and rare disease are totally different two things . We use homophonic word to name our title ,it’s “Infect, but in fact”. Most people get Misunderstand that rare disease is contagious, so fear for those people who has that disease. We built the website, to introduce this subject. In order to get people’s interested, we created those adorable characters, so people who saw those characters will be curious about what diseases they represent. After understanding the Rare disease, we hope people can trigger their empathy, and initiative to follow more about rare disease, and to help them, with money or their hand.