文學力──書寫LÁN臺灣 常設展 - The Power of Literature: Writing OUR TAIWAN


國立臺灣文學館 National Museum of Taiwan Literature


2020-11-07 ~ 2030-11-06





本展為第三期臺灣文學主題常設展,以「注意,你已被文學包圍了」、「始動,島孕育的・與海帶來的(~1895)」、「立志,文明開化的夢與傷(1895~1945)」、「跨越,窒息年代的游擊戰(1945~1980)」、「爆炸,每個人都飆出高音(1980~2000)」、「____,寫我們一起的未來」等六大主題展區,將百年來的文學史化為日常,並透過數種不同的多媒體設備,讓觀眾可以與臺灣文學互動、創造,並從中帶走物質和心靈的紀念品。 Warning! You Are Surrounded By Literature covers over a century of Taiwan literature. This exhibition opens a lens into the island's evolving social and political landscapes in six sections, including Humble Beginnings: Brought on the Waves, Nourished by Fertile Island Soils (~1895), Indefatigable Resolve: Dreams and Scars of Cultural Enlightenment (1895~1945), Trial by Fire: Guerilla War against Intellectual Asphyxiation (1945~1980), Democratization: Voices from All Quarters (1980~2000), and Writing our Future … Together. Multimedia displays throughout help visitors interact with, and create new possibilities within, the living stream of Taiwan literature. Find your treasure in this vibrant, flowing stream!

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國立臺灣文學館 National Museum of Taiwan Literature


國立臺灣文學館 National Museum of Taiwan Literature

臺灣文學的發展,從早期原住民、荷蘭、明鄭、清領、日治、戰後,世代更迭,族群交融,累積大量文學作品,孕育出豐厚多元的內涵,惟因歷史與政治之傾軋,諸多文學書冊與相關史料隨世流失,散迭各處,殊為可惜。為能有系統蒐集、保存、研究這些珍貴的文學資產,文化界人士極力奔走呼籲,希望成立專責機構擔負此任。 1991年行政院文化建設委員會提出設立「現代文學資料館」計畫,經行政院通過,但1994年調整政策,將「現代文學資料館」併入「文化資產保存研究中心計劃」,設「文學史料組」,後經各界關切臺灣文學發展人士奔走,多次協商、溝通,行政院於1998年復將「文學史料組」提升為「國家文學館」,歷經「國家臺灣文學館」等名稱討論,於2007年定名為「國立臺灣文學館」。 國立臺灣文學館館舍是一座擁有百年歷史的國定古蹟,前身為日治時期台南州廳,落成於1916年,戰後曾為空戰供應司令部、台南市政府所用。因經歷不同單位與不同時期使用,致使本建築許多構造因戰爭或年久失修而毀損。在歷任文建會(今文化部)主委的擘畫與支持下,迭經國立文化資產保存研究中心籌備處兩任主任及同仁之努力,自1997年開始進行修復整建工程,至2003年修築成為地上二層、地下三層之建築,面貌煥然一新。2003年10月17日,遙念蔣渭水等先賢成立「臺灣文化協會」之精神,「國立臺灣文學館」選定此日正式開館營運。營運18年,適逢臺灣文化協會創立一百週年,「國立臺灣文學館」自2021年10月17日正式升格為中央的三級機構。 國立臺灣文學館為我國第一座國家級的文學博物館,除蒐藏、保存、研究的功能外,更將透過展覽、活動、推廣教育等方式,使文學親近民眾,帶動文化發展。本館另設有文學圖書閱覽區、兒童文學樂園等空間,並特別增設「臺北分館」,利用首都的政經地理優勢,發揮文學的跨界潛力、探索新的價值定位。 The National Museum of Taiwan Literature (NMTL), founded on October 17th,2003, is the first national museum dedicated to the literary arts. The museum building has a distinguished history tracing back to 1916,when it was built to house the Tainan Prefectural Government. Reflecting contemporary European architectural styling, it is one of several well-known works by architect Moriyama Matsunosuke on the island. Other Matsunosuke projects include the current Office of the President (Sotokufu) and Control Yuan in Taipei. The building was damaged during WWII and suffered decades of neglect before serious restoration work was commenced in 1997.Reopened in 2003, the building is today afocal point of island literature,culture, architecture and history, and a successful example of both restoration and revitalization. The NMTL records, organizes and explains Taiwan's literary heritage. Archives and displays include examples from indigenous Malayo-Polynesian cultures as well as from key periods in Taiwan history – from the Dutch, Ming/Koxinga, Qing and Japanese periods through modern times. Educational activities promote awareness of Taiwan literary traditions. The museum includes literature and children's literature reading rooms as well as a literary experience center designed to both excite and educate. In helping spread literary knowledge and appreciation, the museum hopes to make reading and the literary arts a "friend" for life