Breathing Houses

李珮薇、黃博榆 - LEE, PEI-WEI, Huang,Bo-Yu

由地球之肺的概念出發,以肺部造 型作為主體,空氣清淨機 上方為易旋式出風口,下方則為填充式擴香機構,可提升空氣 品質並淨化嗅覺,其體積輕巧,便於打造各種專屬私人空間。 - Starting from the concept of the lungs of the earth, with the shape of the lungs as the main body, the top of the air purifier is an easy-to-rotate air outlet, and the bottom is a filling diffuser, which can improve air quality and purify the sense of smell. Exclusive private space.