Pure Puer

趙子婷、康哲嘉、莊博丞、李玟臻 - Chao,Tzu-Ting, Kang,Zhe-Jia, Chuang,Po-Cheng, Lee,Wen-Jen

由於普洱茶的包裝普遍較為傳統,因此我們嘗試用極簡設計作為替代,秉持創新、純粹的精神,重新賦予普洱茶新的品牌視覺及意涵,將「茶氣」帶入到包裝,以四種不同漸層去表現溫度的情感與味覺想像,襯托出簡約內斂的美感,而粗細對比的標準字設計,依然保有普洱茶傳統的優美,以最純粹的樣貌,呈現最原始的普洱。 - Since the packaging of Puer tea is generally more traditional, we try to use minimalist design as an alternative, uphold the spirit of innovation and purity, and re-define Puer with a new brand vision and meaning. We integrate the "tea flavor" with the packaging, four different gradients are used to express the emotion and taste imagination of temperature, which brings out the beauty of simplicity and restraint. The character design retains the traditional beauty of Puer and presents the most primitive Puer as well.