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生之頌 - The Melody of Life


大美無言藝術空間 Da Mei Wu Yan Gallery


2022-01-22 ~ 2022-04-10





生之頌 - 謝銀吉創作個展 山岳重重連 林木株株見 風動雲霧顛 禽飛獸藏掩 自然界充滿著花花草草、林木大大小小,佇立妝扮美化大地。藝術家謝銀吉的故鄉高雄甲仙是南橫公路必經之處,那裡山林重重環繞,澗溪流水清澈,常見游魚追逐、掩蝦探頭、鳥禽鳴啼。藝術家出生在此,童年生活也受自然美好的環境影響,飛禽走獸鄰處親近,共生同融這塊僻壤,鄉村土味,田野芳香也就自然沾滿其身了。 藝術的創作形式多元無固定性,尤重視個別風格特質。一般來說,寫實作品確實較易懂也貼近人,但通常難成就幾筆傳神之妙趣;而完全抽象形式卻又不易觸動觀者的情感。謝銀吉的創作正介於兩者之間,採「寫意」手法,描寫主題的形象與色塊適巧地融合與共鳴,營造韻律節奏之美感,不求細膩逼真,卻是捕神捉影,而這剛好可彌補這二點缺陷。藝術家在創作上常以線性為主軸,簡化並捨棄物象本身多餘的造形,而視覺上強烈色塊面、點與線之交疊,營造節奏性韻律樂章,帶給觀者在空間感上有更多的層次感受。作品更融入東方水墨空靈上的留白意涵,無為而為,任由虛無飄渺的理路及⻄方色彩運用上的燦麗,大膽和創新,以傳達內在對生活周遭景物的情感表現。

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大美無言藝術空間 Da Mei Wu Yan Gallery


大美無言藝術空間 Da Mei Wu Yan Gallery

「大美無言」取自《 莊子.知北遊 》裡的「天地有大美而不言」。 大美無言藝術空間於2010年成立,而於2015年喬遷至台中七期一個鬧中取靜的複合式園區內,強調建築與自然的共生、藝術與生命的對話,在潺潺流水與蟲鳴鳥啼中,讓藝術與生活品味共譜出一首和諧的交想曲,期望藉此平台推展台灣在地藝術家與文化,並給現代人一個舒適自在、放鬆心情的藝術環境。 Da Mei Wu Yan Gallery was established in 2010. The space is a tranquil place of art in a noisy district where architecture and nature can coexist, in the sounds of a murmuring stream and twirling birds, with art and the savor of life, it is almost possible to hear a harmonic symphony. Hope to use the exhibiting space to assist in promoting art pieces and cultures belonged to Taiwanese artists, and allowing modern people to relax and amend their paces of life in some comfortable and carefree space. “Heaven and Earth proceed in the most admirable way, but they say nothing about them. The four seasons observe the clearest laws, but they do not discuss them. All things have their complete and distinctive constitutions, but they say nothing about them.” – Knowledge Rambling in the North by Zhuangzi.
謝銀吉 Yin Chi Hsieh


謝銀吉 Yin Chi Hsieh

1966 出生於台灣高雄 1990 政戰學校藝術系畢業 藝術家謝銀吉的藝術表現形式多元無固定性,重視個别風格特質。運筆勾勒線條簡化,描寫的主題形象與色塊適巧地融合共鳴,營造韻律節奏美感,不求細膩逼真,卻是捕神捉影,掌握大格局傳達寫意風格,一直是他表現的手法。藝術家熱愛東方空靈水墨意境,空、白、水三胞胎似是又非,虛無飄渺。作品視覺上運用強烈色塊面、點與線之交疊,帶給觀者在空間感上有更多的層次效果,以筆墨描線,宣紙暈染的朦朧效果及在畫布上以壓克力彩、油畫,時薄染、時厚重地塗鴉,紮實堆疊所產生之張力,無不是為邁入自然真性鋪路而創發。 1966 Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan 1990 Graduated from Fu Hsing Kang College, Department of Art Art is fluid, with no boundaries and no rules. Art emphasizes and demonstrates individual styles and characteristics. Through the use of simple strokes and color patches, the artist depicts the rhythmic beauty of the nature. Artist does not seek exquisiteness and reality, but to capture the shadow. Mastering the bigger picture and pattern to convey freehand style has always been his performance technique. Artist loves the Eastern ethereal ink style; the coherence of the three pillars: “abstract”, “color”, and “water”. The art seems revealing yet concealed, thus creating the feeling of nothingness and fulfillment. Visually, the overlapping dabs, strong color patches, delicate points and lines, results in a multi-layered effect on the sense of space. With the use of ink strokes on Xuan paper, and the graffiti of acrylic and oil paintings on canvas, the artist creates a very distinct tension of space and color, leading to the concept of truly intangible nature. ​